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Why Perfect Food? Because we all are on a journey searching for the perfect food, pity that the recipe is constantly changing. That happens because, unfortunately, perfection does not exist. However, we can improve and, to do so, we need a strategy and actions that are consistent with it. After all, sustainability is not a destination but the journey itself, one Perfect Food can undertake alongside you.

Through the most common analytical methodologies, such as life cycle assessment (LCA-Life Cycle Assessment), or strategic, such as materiality assessment, Perfect Food offers consulting services to companies in the agri-food sector so as to face together with them the steps that, from the field to the table, lead to greater sustainability and a better way of communicating it.

Perfect Food was born as a spin-off of Life Cycle Engineering, a consulting firm that has been offering services in the field of sustainability for over 20 years. Perfect Food stands out as a business unit focused on food issues, a rapidly growing sector that requires pretty specific skills, different from those of other industrial sectors.

The Chefs

We do not have the perfect food recipe, but we are ready to take you on this culinary journey searching for the perfect balance between flavour, quality, and sustainability. Here are our chefs!

massimo marino
Massimo Marino

"Once the goal has been set, the rest is a consequence"

Environmental engineer with a PhD on sustainability issues. I am one of the co-founders of LCE, founded in 1998 when it was still difficult to explain what sustainability meant. Since then, I have always dealt with this, trying to bring technology to the service of communication and strategy.
silvia maiolo
Silvia Maiolo

"My daily bread are case studies that are difficult to digest"

Graduate in Environmental Resource Management with a PhD in aquaculture sustainability. My long academic career has strengthened my ability to study complex systems and pay attention to details.
matteo peyron
Matteo Peyron

"Carpe diem"

Agronomist with a degree in Sustainable Farming Systems. After a brief experience as a university researcher, I moved into the world of consultancy on the sustainability of agri-food chains. I coordinate the Perfect Food technical group.
giulia mogavero
Giulia Mogavero

"Action and communication, never divisible"

Graduate in Business Administration and Communication with a Master in Socio-Environmental Sustainability of Agri-food Networks. I take care of making the most of the commitment of those who work on sustainability, building a tailor-made communication strategy to be disclosed to the outside world.
francesca berretta
Francesca Berretta

"Words are important"

I graduated in Modern Literature and specialised in Semiotics. During my education I have had the opportunity to learn strategies and techniques of communication and languages. I write and refine texts to make sure they tell exactly what they want to tell.
lorenzo mazzola
Lorenzo Mazzola

"Efficiency is the code word"

Master's degree graduate with an agronomic profile in the field of environmental sustainability. After completing my studies at a foreign university, I decided to start my career in agri-food consultancy, striving to reach the target in the most efficient way possible.
francesca guerci
Francesca Guerci

"You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf"

Graduate in Environmental and Land Planning Engineering with a Master in Socio-Environmental Sustainability of Agri-food Networks. My interest in environmental and food issues has made me want to use my scientific skills in the world of consultancy.
gabriele omedè
Gabriele Omedè

"The higher you climb, the farther you see. The farther you see, the longer you dream"

An agronomist, he specialised from his early years of training in sustainability assessment on a farm scale. After dealing with this topic also as a university researcher, he found his own dimension as a sustainability consultant dealing with both the quantification of indicators and the agro-ecological transition.
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