Il Cibo Perfetto - New Edition

Is there a food that is beneficial for our health, environmentally friendly and good to eat? In other words, does the perfect food exist?

Whether it is about eating better for yourself and our planet or communicating well your sustainability, making the right choice is never simple. The new edition of Il Cibo Perfetto (tran. “The Perfect Food”) by Massimo Marino and Carlo Alberto Pratesi helps companies to consciously move in this direction.

So, our book outlines a credible path for those companies that want to produce in a sustainable way by examining all the phases of the agri-food chain, from the field to our table, and by specifying impacts and possible reduction paths for each of them, with a view to circularity. Moreover, the book illustrates well the essential phases for effective communication, an unavoidable turning point for all companies that aim to reduce their environmental impact and want to communicate it properly.

Going in search of the perfect food ultimately expose anyone to a number of difficulties, primarily because there is no universal formula and because there are no easy recipes, every food choice has complex consequences, with benefits and contraindications for us as well as for the environment. In other words, perfect food does not exist. Everything lies in the goals that everybody set for themselves as consumers and producers. And the book is built precisely around this awareness.